I was born in Chicago with half of my childhood raised there and the other half raised in a rural community about 80 miles west.  I believe my creativity in art and love of blues and jazz came from my father.   Although my mother was and several of my relations are apt at drawing and some are musically inclined, I do not share those traits.

I moved to Madison in 1979.  I loved the city life as a young adult, but now I treasure the quiet country living where I live with my husband, 3 cats and 1 dog.

My intrigue of glass began in 1999.  I attended a stained glass class at The Vinery Stained Glass Studio in Madison and I was hooked.  As my passion grew with each class, I began working with not only stained glass, but mosaics, silver clay and fused glass.  My interest gravitated toward fused glass.  The different techniques I learned and materials available to create the beautiful pieces, whether they are art displays, pendants, serving dishes, candle holders or snowflakes brought me great insight for my new journey.

I decided to peddle my wares and needed a business name.  I asked my husband for his advice.  He suggested that, since, where we live was once called Hope Hollow I should consider starting with that.  I then decided on Creations, hence, Hope Hollow Creations.

There is nothing more fulfilling than doing what I love and peoples appreciation of my work.

I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I have enjoyed making them.